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Jan 1, 2007, 08:13 AM
2 weeks ago, I made the mistake of upgrading to iTunes7 on my PC despite everything wrong that I've read about it. While I do own a Mac, my 2 iPods (5G and 4G w/ photo) are PC formatted for more flexibility. My wife uses the iPod w/ Photo. anyway, since I wanted to load some songs I recently downloaded into the iPod w/ Photo, I plugged it into the PC w/ the newly-installed iTunes 7.

However, since the last time anything was loaded into the iPod was still with the older iTunes version, iTunes asked if I wanted the iPod updated. naturally, i said "yes". I got the update. but the moment I tried loading the new songs into the iPod, well, everything went downhill from there. I was prompted w/: "iPod cannot be uploaded, unknown error", I tried again. another error message came up. so I disconnected it. then the iPod flashed the "see apple support" or something to that effect. I tried to Restore it. Another error message. It said something like, "your iPod is corrupted, cannot be restored"

I connected it to my Mac, w/c fortunately was able to restore it/ but now. it's Mac formatted w/c I didn't want in the first place. (oh, most of my audio/video/podcast files are stored in my PC's harddrive around 7000++) thus, my PC preference. I connected it again to my PC, w/c said that since Ipod is Mac formatted, I couldn't use it w/ the PC. It asked if I wanted it Restored again but this time, to a PC format. I said yes. It got Restored. So I tried loading some songs again. but on the 10th song, an error message came up again. and the whole process repeated itself.

I settled for it being Mac formatted, but I had to transfer all my files into an external harddrive w/c I could use w/ the Mac just so I can load the files into my now Mac formatted iPod w/ photo. This really sucks. Not only did I spend an entire evening just sorting it out, I had a perfectly good product that's been with us for almost 2 years w/ nary a problem w/c now has been corrupted for some unknown reason. bad, bad Apple.:( :( :(

Jan 1, 2007, 10:25 PM
maybe I should have paid more attention to this forum. it seems my iPod got hit by the dreaded Error 1418, w/c apparently has afflicted hundreds of other units and Apple hasn't owned up to this problem.

One benefit I realize now, is that since the iPod is already Mac-formatted, its response is much better w/ the Mac. faster download and connection.

oh well, you cant have everything I guess. :rolleyes: