View Full Version : RAM disk help!

Mar 4, 2002, 02:26 AM
ok ive been asking a lot of questions lately but you guys are great.

ive been toying with the idea of using a RAM disk lately. havent touched the thing since system 7 or something.

i noticed a lot of peopel have been using ram disk's for internet browser cache and even startup volumes.

i was wodnering if anyone here had experience with using the RAM disk in some of these novel ways (especially the startup volume idea).

there are a number of RAM disk utilities out there so iw as wondering if any of these are good/necessary.

what would happen if i used the RAM disk as a startup volume and then booted back and forth between osx and os9 (os9 on the ram disk). there is a check box for backing up ram disk info so will everytime im in osx and i choose to boot back into the os9 ram disk will i have to first boot into os9 on the hard disk let the control panel restore then contents of the ram disk and then boot into the ram disk? or am i missing something?

i think i would keep my preferences folder on harddrisk via alias in the ram disk so i dont think id lose any data if i lost the ram disk but anyone have ideas on this.

i have 512mb ram, which is barely enough in osx but is way more than i need in os9 so id love to be able to put it to work in the form of a ram disk.