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Jan 18, 2007, 06:12 PM
I have been using Handbrake to encode some of my movies to the ipod, but i have had very unreliable results, sometimes they go onto the ipod and sometimes not. I know this is to do with bitrate, which the ipod can only handle 768 kbs so i have been told.
Handbrake seems to have a mind of its own, because i use the settings of H.264, baseline profile and a bitrate setting of around 600 to 700, but sometimes the bitrate is over the 768 allowed when the encoding is finished. I also use 640 by 480 settings.
If it does not work the first time i am now running it through toast 8 which is doing what its supposed to do, and i get a useable file at the end of it. I would just use toast to start with but i cant crop from widescreen to 4:3.

Anyone else have similar problems and got around it. I am still learning about all this video editing so i am relying on you guys for some help.

Thanks in advance.

Jan 18, 2007, 06:17 PM
Use the following settings:

MPEG-4 Encoding
.mp4 file format
1500kbps video bit rate
128kbps audio bit rate
2-pass encoding if you want it.

Handbrake doesn't as yet support the correct baseline profile to encode the correct 1.5mbps 640xwhatever so use MPEG-4 for the moment.