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May 17, 2003, 04:35 AM
OK, as those of you who are familiar with my rants may know (due to my autosig), I am moving from the God-forsaken Central Valley in central Cali to the beautiful state of Washington. I will be just outside of Bellingham. We should be all moved in by Friday next week.

The reason I am posting here is because we are moving by the skin of our teeth and I will be looking for work in the area the second I get there...so despite my being a raucous jerk if anyone here happens to be in that area and knows any good job opportunities outside of what I can find in the Herald, I would appreciate the lead.

Aside from Photoshopping, as an artist casually and as a photo editor occupationally, I'm also experienced with health insurance claims, including several months being a provider-relations specialist. I have some other skills of note, but most of them wouldn't be useful outside of a P&P outfit like Jostens. Or a pizza place.

Or gutter company...

If I don't find something that makes any use of my mad skillz I'm going to be applying with the Sheriff's dept, as that is the only way I can make good money in my position. Other than that I'm hoping for some decently paying ass-busting labor like a lumber yard or something. Hard work is good for the soul (but not the wallet :p).

Anyway, for those of you who don't just happen to know someone who needs a proffessional at removing middle fingers and baby heads from photos, or someone good at calming down pissed-off doctors and billing departments, just wish me luck. :)

BTW, I doubt I'll get in with the Sherriff's dept, because I've been written up for insubordination in the last six months :rolleyes:. No kidding!

May 17, 2003, 11:36 AM
I wish you the best of luck BaghdadBob! Hope you post some pictures of the area? Personally I would be afraid to move to a new area without a job first. The old saying feels safe to me, never quit a job till you have a new job! You must be the adventurous type! ;) All the best in your job search!

May 17, 2003, 11:56 AM
Oh yeah. Good luck. The economy is in the tank and I hear the economic situation is toughest in the Northwest. I hope you find something. It is beautiful country.
By the way, what's so bad about central California?
Let us know how you make out!

May 17, 2003, 05:03 PM
Ha! We have a 17.9% unemployment rate where we live right now.

Later when my nose isn't bleeding I'll type more...this place stinks...

May 17, 2003, 05:15 PM
Originally posted by BaghdadBob
Ha! We have a 17.9% unemployment rate where we live right now.

Later when my nose isn't bleeding I'll type more...this place stinks...

I'm sorry to hear about your nose bleed. Are you holding your head back and applying some pressure to you nose? Dry air or high blood pressure can cause a nose bleed! Be sure to drink plenty of fluids! ;)

May 17, 2003, 06:04 PM
OK, didn't end up being so quick...

Here's the American Lung Association's (http://lungaction.org/reports/sota03_county.html?zip=93277) ranking of our county.

Lessee, I already said the 17.9% unemplyment rate. We also have the 57th and 58th worst counties for kids going to college after HS (out of 58 counties in CA). Oh....I could go on and on about the environment here (110+ days over 95, usually including at least two weeks from 110-115, for example). But I'll make it really simple (and then go on and on). I have three young stepdaughters, and this is one of the places in our beautiful country where sex is becoming common in the 7th grade. We have the worst teenage pregnance rate in the country here.

And I can kind of understand. This is the most boring place to live...I can see how kids might find there is nothing better to do. It's kind of a hopeless little area. You have the poplulation of girls whose plan in life is to get pregnant...some of them think the man (or boy, although men with little girls is common here) who gets them pregnant will take care of them, and the rest literally plan to be on welfare. I'm not kidding.

Of course, I've worked with so many deadbeat dads who get all ticked off about their checks being garnished for child support it's sad. Those people piss me off. If I were in politics I would get even badder on those guys by providing funding to track the ones who claim to be unemployed but are working under the table. That's really common too. Some "men" have no respect for how hard it is for their counterpart to get by trying to make it with a child in tow and no help. They think the few hundred dollars a month they have to contribute is even a comparable burden...

There's a lot of moral degredation around here. Poverty breeds that, of course. We are one of (if not the) leading producers of meth amphetamine around here, nationally. There's also a huge and ever-increasing population of illegal immigrants. Now, many of them come to work, and I have nothing but respect for them, because farm work sucks. However, some of them come to leach off our generous American social services...while not bothering to learn the language, of course (why bother?).

Finally...well, this place is a black hole. I am dead serious. I have known many, many people who tried to leave and ended up back for whatever reason...and everyone hates it here.......its a karmic black hole, and nothing good ever happens here.

So you can see why I am crazy enough to leave that I would quit my job before I have work up there. The good thing is we will be owning there where we are lease-opting here! Hooray!

Don't move here! :D

May 17, 2003, 07:03 PM
Hi Bob-
I am from Washington. Near Spokane. I thought about moving to Bellingham because of the location. I went out to visit and look things over. Driving from Seattle to Bellingham is pure torture! Too much traffic! I pretty much thought I would end up communiting in that mess so I stayed here. Whitman county has the lowest unemployment rate in Washington. Spokane has an amazing high crime rate but the good side is the property values are way down. You can pick up some nice homes on the cheap.

May 17, 2003, 07:42 PM

As a Resident of the Notheren Puget sound region, I can safely say you have some good bets.

1) Bellis Fair Mall (Guide Meridian and I-5) Has a large number of stores, always looking to hire any one who wants to work.
2) Western Washington University - They usually look to outside sources for graphic design, and advertising
3) KVOS-TV12 - Best Independent Network in WA or BC. Has large amounts of graphic stuff to do. Caters to the Canadian Customer, may help to work on your Canadian Spellings. Also has a large production studio, second only to KCTS(PBS) in Seattle, for the whole state.
4) The Bellingham Herald, they could really use a facelift in design and style.
5) The Bellingham Bells, Baseball teams always need ads and promotions.

Bellingham is really a hopping "town", and when the econmy grows there within the next 9-months, there will be a lot of Canadian Tourists to spread the wealth.

The Wandering Poster