View Full Version : Regressing java jre in OSX?

Apr 11, 2007, 11:55 AM
There is a java program (not written by me) which is not behaving well for a couple of friends of mine. They're running the latest java JRE (5.0 release 5).

I want to regress their java to say release 3 and see if the java app runs better or not.... I've heard of some java updates bringing bugs with them.....

I've tried regressing java by deleting -

1) Java cache folder (HOME/Library/Caches/Java
2) Java utilities folder (Applications, Utilities, Java)
3) ROOT/Library/Java

However when I try to install an historic java version (ie Release 3), the install program does not allow that......

Is there a way of completely deleting java in OSX so that I can install any version I want to on a "virgin" system??