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May 22, 2007, 05:56 PM
IS it possible to install and run UT2004 on Intel Macs?

I have the old disk, and I know there is a patch. But whenever I try to install UT the installer crashes, right after I put in the CD key. The thing I don't get, is that I can't patch a program to run on Intel, if I can't install it in the first place

I've looked all over Google, asked other places, and I have not been able to find any help.

Thanks in advance.

May 22, 2007, 07:49 PM
There is an installer for Unreal 2004 on OS X. (Sorry don't have a link on me for it right now)
There is also an update for Unreal 2004 to make it a Universal binary (ie Intel support).



The updater and the updated installer from that link are what you need.

May 22, 2007, 07:52 PM
"Installer unexpectedly quits after entering the CD key.

Download and use the updated installer below. NOTE: You only need this installer update if you are having the problem described above."

Thank you very much, exactly what I needed!