View Full Version : recover data from nano2G

May 28, 2007, 08:07 AM

I need to restore my ipod for some reason. It works fine, until i connect it to my machine at home. It then says I need to restore it. I use my ipod both at home and work. Both itunes are the same update. I uses to access nike+ from work, but they have stuck up a nasty proxy and now it wont let me access nike+ this way.

Since it took a while for my brain to realise that work was not coming to the party with my proxy, i have done a number of runs and i wish to save the data to add back to my freshly restored ipod to send from home, slow but proxy free,

So is there a way to get that data. I can see files on my machine, but not nike+ runs ( i see calendars etc).

any ideas or helps would be greatly appreciated.