View Full Version : Good Deal on Brain Age

Jun 12, 2007, 04:21 PM
Hey all,
Went by Circuit City today at 2pm. The morons didn't have it out. So I got a 20 dollar Gift Card. Better still when I was checking out there was a thing in the computer that said if I bought one more Wii game I'd get 20 bucks off. Don't know if this is all Wii games or not or just if you buy Brain Age today but I got Paper Mario for 10 bucks or Brain Age for free depending on how you want to look at things!

Plus they have Madden for 30 bucks so you could get Brain Age and Madden for 10 bucks extra...not too bad really. Just wanted others to know about this 2 Wii get 20 bucks off deal.