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Jul 11, 2003, 08:37 PM
Sorry if this has been addressed before, my searches came up with far too many threads.

Someone is selling a VGA - DVi converter here:


My question is will this work? I was under the impression that DVi needed power and USB.

If this would work, can I buy an Apple offical DVi - VGA converter cable and use it in the same way? I seem to remember the product page previously saying this was not possible, but another look and it doesn't say that anymore (if it ever did)



Jul 12, 2003, 11:18 AM
Yes, it does work, and no it does not need power/usb.
I have one that has never been opened if you would like it (it is the official apple one)
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Jul 12, 2003, 12:31 PM
If you are trying to connect a VGA monitor to a DV-I graphics card, that is exactly what you need.

If you are trying to connect a DV-I monitor to a VGA graphics card, I think this will only work if the monitor supports extraction of the analog signal from the DV-I port. Of course, there would be no improvement from using a VGA port on the monitor (if it has one).

If the monitor requires a digital input signal, neither of the mentioned solutions will work. You would need one of the expensive converters.

As far as the USB and power connections, those are required by Apple's ADC connection, not DV-I.