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Jul 15, 2003, 02:36 AM
Hello - thanks to anyone who may be able to shed some light
on the following:

I bought and installed a 120G WD Caviar HD
(purposely under the 128G max for this model)
installed as SLAVE to the factory Quantam Fireball 10G.

The G4 AGP Tower is a 400mhz/740ram
now with orig. 10G (master) and 120G (slave)
partitioned to 80G/30G.

Leaving all the OS9 apps and files intact on the 10G,
I formatted the new 120G as a mac extended.
I then installed OS9.0 on the 80G, and updated to OS9.2
(Firmware update had been current on the G4 previously
(firmware update for new HD?)

followed by JAGUAR installation disc 1 only
and all the updates - "about this computer" indicates
10.2.6 running.

Now I get crash errors (black unix through the desktop)
after a few minutes of operation.
I have run disk first aid with no problems, verified and repaired
permissions more than once. FSCK -Y
under admin log-in numerous times.

I think the problem lies with user log-in (root?) issues ?

The 10G and 30G HARD DRIVES show a folder hierarchy
next to its name in DISK UTILITY ( folder/name/something)
-but the 80G doesn't have any name at all next to it !

Disk copy is intermittent when mounting dmg files
although the pkg file shows the correct icon.

Does my G4 AGP even run 10.2.6 ?

I will follow this post up with crash log from the console..........


Jul 15, 2003, 07:27 AM
Perhaps you could make some more identical threads? :rolleyes:

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