View Full Version : Should I get a screen protector?

Jun 30, 2007, 10:17 PM
I always buy screen protectors for all of my products. I usually use the Clear Touch brand. I have it for my iPod, current PocketPC, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, etc.
My question: I know in the beginning it was said the iPhone would not be a problem with scratches and smudges. Then recently it was announced that it has the new scratch free glass screen. Is it really true? I went to the Apple Store last night to buy a 8GB iPhone and the guy said how the screen protectors are very popular. He said they sold out within 5 minutes, before anything. Should I really get one and if so which brand?

Jun 30, 2007, 10:39 PM
Check the video on the macrumors main page showing PC World doing damage tests to it. So far, doesn't look like they can scratch the screen with a key while trying extra hard.

Jun 30, 2007, 10:51 PM
well it is scratch resistant but the smudges can be a pain to get off
id recommend the brand called invisibleSHIELD at www.shieldzone.com that's the one I am getting

Jul 1, 2007, 08:32 AM
It's a horrible waste and will make your iphone screen look 10x worse. I get these to prevent my screens from scratching, because a scratched screen looks worse than a covered and faded one (the effect most screen protectors give). But the iPhone screen is harder to scratch than any screen protector so ditch that garbage and keep it naked, it'll look nicer and probably respond better to the touch as well.

Jul 2, 2007, 12:30 AM
I saw the testings and believed the screen is actually pretty unscratchable. However, I'd rather put a screen protector on so my oily face won't make the pretty glass dirty. It's a 600 bucks phone, you can buy a PS3 or a full set of xbox360 + HDDVD player with it. I don't have the money to buy another, so I'd prefer to take good care of it. I know they sell PowerSupport screen protectors in the apple store, I haven't tried those, but I am recommending the Martin Fields screen protectors. I have it on my old Treo650 and my E62 and they are excellent. It's like putting on a new screen on those phones. It's crystal clear and make the screen look as bright as if you don't have anything on it. It's removable and washable too. I already ordered 2, one for me and another for my brother. Link below if anyone's interested.

<Martin Fields iPhone screen protector Link> (http://www.martinfields.com/US/dis_product.asp?model=apple_iphone&modeln=iPhone&prod_type=screen)