View Full Version : Jabra Bt350- ***Listening To John Legend Through My Bluetooth

Jul 4, 2007, 10:20 AM
I'm not really sure if this was mentioned or if anyone has tried it but I'll give it a shot:-)

I was on the phone with my fiancee last night and was talking to her through my bluetooth headset. I was like, hmm, let me see if I can play my ipod while talking to her on the phone.....Not thinking I would hear anything.

All of a sudden, I hear John Legend-Save Room on my BT350. I asked her fi she could hear that, but she couldn't. I was like this is so cool!!!!!! I couldn't do that on my Treo650, which was disappointing a bit. I mean, yeah, we would prefer headphones but to be able to listen to the music bluetooth, is pretty sweet!!!

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their iPhone and hope to see some comments on this because I want to see if anyone else has experienced this.

Laters Everyone!!!!!

****Not sure how useful it is, however, when you're off the phone, the music comes out of the speaker from your iPhone. Either way, this is pretty cool!!!****