View Full Version : Cable Modem networking problem

Jul 29, 2003, 08:42 PM
Ok my buddy came to me with this problem. He has a airport basestation, a powerbook and a pc. He is trying to make the 3 co-exist without problems on his cable modem. Originally he had the PC hooked through the basestation. That presented a problem when his father would connect to his work computer. Most likely by VPN but i'm not sure. I figure firewall problems but he doesn't want to mess with that.
So he bought a Ethernet switch. So his problem is the PC won't connect when the connected to the switch.

His set up goes like this Comcast issued Cable Modem with 5 port Belkin Switch connected. AP basestation from WAN port on the station connects to switch and works fine. XP Dell does not recognize it is connected to the switch and does not access the modem. How can he fix this problem?

Any idea what could