View Full Version : Saving Data from the HD from an ibook !!!

Aug 7, 2007, 10:11 AM

In advance, I appreciate all of your help.

I was by two authorized Apple resellers here in Germany. Both of them confirmed that my ibook's HD is no longer good and it won't work.
Both of them were very nice and able to point me out the problem
without any need to disassemble the ibook. They turned it on, and as
soon as the light-blue background with the gray coloured apple appeared
on the screen, a scratching sound was heard. They determined that the
HD needed to exchanged for a new one.

Just a few questions to you:

Were you ever in the same situation, where your hard disk needed
to be changed??

Is the guaranty given by the producer of the HD longer as for the ibook
itself. I heard some HD producers give three to five years guaranties for
their hard disks ??

Is it possible to save the Data from the disk, (here in Germany they
said they don't do it) ??

How expensive can it be to save the information from the disk and where
did you do it/who helped you to do it??

In my case, at the moment, I didn't have anything in the HD that was work-related, however pictures from my grandfather who passed away four months
ago were there.

In advance, thank you very much for your help,