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Jul 31, 2003, 09:32 PM
I have a user that has a Power Mac G4 (mirrored doors) with 2gig ram, 120 gig Hdd. She has just today been having problems with the cd's not mounting. Finally, the machine would not boot anymore and when the opt key is held down, OSX system folder appears but when it is chosen, I get a circle with a line through it. I know that this is probably a corrupt system folder, so I try to put in the system restore disk and it will not see a system folder under the opt key. So I go into target mode and see the hdd and all the data and such are there. This is good. What my question is is when I push the power button, it will not turn off no matter how long I hold it. I have to pull the plug. If I have an answer to this, it may help me to figure out the rest. I have my ideas about the other issues.
Thanks for any help you can give, I have not tried to reset the PMU yet but I understand that on this model, it is a keyboard command. This may work. thanks.

Jul 31, 2003, 10:02 PM
Can you boot off the OS X install disk?

You can try zapping the PRAM, but if that doesn't work all I see is a Mac that doesn't read any drives or respond when the power button is pressed. Sounds big. Is it still under warranty? AppleCare?

Jul 31, 2003, 11:19 PM
mirror dual doors have difficult to push power buttons. If you hold down the button until the light comes on for 8 seconds it should shut off. I use the handle of my screwdriver to apply the necessary force.

I can't imagine it not shutting down if you do it right.

You're "ghostbuster" symbol means you need to reinstall osx.

Aug 1, 2003, 08:01 AM
Yes it is under warranty, and I may need to follow that up. And, no, I cannot boot off the OSX cd as the CD rom is not showing up as a bootable disk when I h old the opt key at boot. I am going to try to reset the PMU and I will let you know what happens when I do that. Thanks for your prompt replies, I really appreciate it.