View Full Version : Terror futures were brainchild of cultists

Aug 5, 2003, 06:36 AM

It's easy to mock the Professor as the kind of swot who grew up without having his head dunked in the toilet by the school jocks. But this time, it's serious. Not only is the Extropian ideology now blessed with Pentagon dollars, it's defended by our finest brains, in our most respected newspapers, and here we move on to the really interesting part of tthe post-PAM defense of the mystical market.

"Other-worldly" is not an insult in these elevated circles. On the Extropian BBS a warm profile of Hanson at US News was reprinted with the proud headline "Robin Hanson, economist for Starfleet"
Take the humdrum business of democracy. He advocates replacing one-man, one-vote elections with "values exchanges" - another form of market. He also proposes an ingenious idea of bugging the undereducated, idle 'entropians' (and that must mean us) called "Tax Leisure with Time Audits" which essentially involves bugging the hell out of any 'entropian' who hasn't developed an Extropian's sophisticated spam filters:

"The government could randomly check on each person say ten times a year, and see if they are working for wages at that moment," he gushes.