View Full Version : Is Wireless Full Duplex or NOT?

Aug 9, 2003, 11:43 AM
Hi all,

I'm using the "D-Link" (brand name) DI-714P+ Wireless Router with the DWL - 520+ Wireless PCI Adapter on a small home lan (OSX & WinXP Pro)

The Router is connected to a Cable modem. both machines can internet and exchange files between them

I am getting conflicting information regarding this Wireless setup ability to run in Full Duplex Mode.

Some tell me it's possible. (But don't tell me how)

Some say No way Jose, that any wireless is by default Half Duplex only Period

Could you please clarify this issue for me?

Also, if it IS possible how do I configure this setup for Full Duplex?


(The Installation manual does NOT mention Duplex at all and the FAQ page on D-Link's Home page mentions Duplex just once and not for these Items)