View Full Version : External Drvie mounting problems

Aug 11, 2003, 11:04 AM
External Drive mounting problems

I have a Maxtor 80GB external fire wire drive that is not mounting. I have powered it down, given it a rest, then powered it on and connected and the only thing I get is the red light, activity light, comes on flashes once then stays red, the drive never mounts. I have tried it on two macs, my iMac and powerBook.

I have only had this issue one other time and powering down seemed to work, I recently reinitialized it and everything was okay, according to diskwarrior 3.0 and disk first aid.

Some history of the drive, a while back, it started making a chirp noise when waking from sleep, not always but sometimes, and when doing so usually resulted in a filed wake but it would always try again, and wake on the second try. Other then that the drive has never had any issues.

I am running OSX 10.2.

I appreciate any advice or assistance that you may have.