View Full Version : how rare are any of these things?

Aug 11, 2003, 06:37 PM
Here are a few things I have that you don't run into every day. I was wondering how these things rate on a rarity scale.

Mac SE-double disk drive (Ah, my first computer), and of course the requisite copies of Crystal Quest, Alice, etc., that run on it.

Performa 6320. I've never actually seen another one of these. Apple Corporate sent this to me as a replacement for what seemed at the time to be a buggy 6300.

Man, I need to dig through some of my dad's old disks before he throws them out. There might be gems in there...Are there examples of old software that are rare/collectible?

Aug 11, 2003, 08:45 PM
Everything you have together will sell for about $30 on ebay

Aug 11, 2003, 08:59 PM
GS/OS is a very rare peice of software, especally if you have it on the original Disks.
Apple Dos is the same way.
Apple Lisa with Twiggy Drives.
A working Apple "Mark Twain" - A IIgs with an internal HD, OS, an Mac like interfaces.
An Apple //e with numeric pad, and platnium colors (Built until 1995)
Apple //e card for Mac LC series
Mac Keyboard with recessed keys, and a bar on the back to adjust height.
Mac plus with designer's signatures inside.
A Yikes 500mhz G4.
Any Mac with the /DOS designation
A Sony compatible Apple Branded Remote for use with Macs with IR ports and the ability to have Tuner Cards.
Any Upgrades for the iMac that use the Mezzine Slot
The old DVD-Ram Drives from the B&W G3s and early G4s
A working copy of A/UX

And I've seen it, and heard people talk about, but nothing offical... A Large Macintosh, with the Quadra Designation, written in Large Violet Type, with CD Rom and Running OS.7.5.3. Any one else.