View Full Version : ipod touch needs an ichat

Sep 6, 2007, 07:57 AM
So the best thing that could ever happen to this new ipod touch would be ichat. A simple way of doing texting for free. I know... i know its needed for the iphone too....but think of it.
No $60 iphone bill!
Imagine kids with their crappy cell phones not having to text on them. A parents dream, because texting is getting expensive and not all parents want to buy their kid a super unlimited text plan. A friend of mine had a $800 phone bill because they went over the texting limit.

I'm guessing the iphone doesnt have this because of att and sms texting cost causing a conflict but for the ipod touch, it would be perfect..... and would seperate it from everything.

Here to making Ichat for touch ipod ....and iphone.