View Full Version : IBC, iDVD or Ti

Sep 6, 2001, 02:37 AM
Interesting promo on the Apple UK site promoting the IBC show in Amsterdam this month


Check out the content, iDVD & Ti Books - sounds very interesting. Due to recent speculation on the 'new' Ti Book and inlight of recent Apple price reductions it poses a few questions:

in the light of Ti Book price reductions, could we see a Ti book revision in Amsterdam, Paris backs it up with a greater sell of OSX and other software, and SF closes the September quarter with Dual Processors?

No 'new' hardware in Paris - could S.J. make a special appearance at IBC?

I thought the graphics on the Apple UK site were equally as interesting, or is this another Apple decoy. Could we possibly see a SuperDrive in the higher-end TiBooks, or at the very least a CD-RW mid September?

It seems imminent that we will see a Ti Book revision in September, BUT when and what?

Does anyone know anything???