View Full Version : DigiTimes confirms new PB 15.4"

Aug 16, 2003, 02:02 AM

Not to get anyone all stirred up, but Digitimes in the above link (look in the chart) confirms the manufacturing and delivery of 15.4" PBs being made for Apple by Compal for 2d Half of this year. Interesting to note that the 15.2"TI PB and Al 17" PB (and I also believe the 12" Al PB, though not mentioned in the chart) have all been made by Quanta. From this information, I would guess that there will be no new 17" or 12" PBs, but only a new 15.4" PB (with probably a new design above and beyond just a refresh to the Al look.) Otherwise, Quanta should have been able to outbid Compal for the deal if they were of the same design as the previous produced models (17" and 12") The other reason I could see with Apple going with Compal is that they were unhappy with delivery schedules or quality control.

Aug 16, 2003, 02:07 AM
Well, maybe i'm abit sceptical, but this doesn't give much info on anything. First off I can argue the what kinda info they possess. Second it doesn't say when it's gonan happen. I think most pretty much know it will happen by the end of the year, so I don't see the big news here. I wis if they named the date...
Would make me, powerbook g5, and a whole lot of other people pretty happy....