View Full Version : PowerMac G4 still noisey?

Aug 18, 2003, 05:16 PM
Does anybody know if the current 1.25 Ghz PowerMac G4 line-up offered at the online Apple store still has the noise problem with the fans?

Aug 18, 2003, 06:39 PM
Actually, I've heard that they're pretty quiet...

Aug 19, 2003, 04:08 AM
One of my G4's I use for work is the dual 1.25 and I don't even notice that it is on. But for some strange reason when you first boot it up all the fans kick on but after boot I forget that it is running.

I have also noticed that with the 23" display pluged in it that is is a little bit louder. That probably goes without saying.

It is hot as hell though!!!

Aug 19, 2003, 07:27 AM
Originally posted by gello2424

It is hot as hell though!!!

Hot as in temperture hot? Or hot as in "cool" hot, or both? :p

Aug 19, 2003, 08:49 AM
My dual 1GHz PM has had the new powersupply and fans fitted. It's pretty quiet though far from silent. It was a lot louder when it got into the high nineties recently. Even when it's quiet it does throw out a lot of heat...

Aug 20, 2003, 04:40 AM
Hot as damn hot! I can put me a skillet on them there CPU thingy things and cook my ass some grits!

Yeah they seem to really hot.