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Sep 7, 2001, 06:47 PM
Hi, I have an old Mac IIci running system 7.0.1 I just instaled an Apple Eathernet Card (NuBus). What programs do I need to download in order for my Mac IIci to go on the internet using the card or what programs do I need for the computer to use the card. I need to use TCP/IP for getting on the internet and for newtworking I need Apple Talk. Does anyone know if I need to upgrade the system to whatever number and where to get the programs I need for my Mac IIci. Please help! If you know where I can download a new OS tell me ok? Thanks bye!

Sep 8, 2001, 11:02 AM
I believe that you need to upgrade to 7.5 in order to take advantage of a TCP/IP network. In 7.5 there are other network controls such as Powertalk, etc. I don't believe that 7.1 can do this. However, I has been 5 years or so since I ran 7.1 so I can't tell you. As for obtaining an obsolete OS, Apple is on your side. Since none of the current machines support OS 7, they should be available from Apple's FTP servers. There is no direct link, but if you search, you should be able to find them.

Sep 8, 2001, 04:39 PM
Agree 100% it will be much easier to upgrade to 7.5 first. You can get 7.1 on line but it's a pain and you need to download a lot of files to do it. Much easier to just upgrade the system. I have 7.5 running on a LCIII and a PB170 you shouldn't have any trouble running on your box

Sep 8, 2001, 09:00 PM
Hi its Me (MacLuver23), Where can I get a version of System 7.5, I have an external CD-ROM drive with the software to use it with my Macintosh IIcx. Is it free or do you need to buy it? BUT, I have System 7.6 and 7.6.1 CDs can I use the system 7.6 CD to upgrade the system from 7.0.1 to 7.6, and if I can, Can I just use the System 7.6.1 CD instead of the 7.6 CD or do I have to use the system 7.6 CD to update the system from systenm 7.0.1 to 7.6??? Please Help

Sep 9, 2001, 03:59 AM
just scroll down to system software and it's in there. I'm not sure about 7.6 give it a try the worst that can happen is it doesn't work and you have to download 7.5 anyway. 7.6.1 should be a full version, just give it a try.

Sep 9, 2001, 01:55 PM
is that you dalibor?

Sep 9, 2001, 04:54 PM
You can use TCP/IP with Systems back to 6.0.4 I think. The item that you're looking for is a disk image that is called Network Software Installer. You should be able to find it on the Apple Software Updates page...er, wait, you might get lucky and find it on the KnowledgeBase. :-\ For everybody's sanity, here are the links:

For system 6

For System 7

The NSI disk will install the Ethernet driver and other goodies. If I remember correctly, it's important to make sure that you have MacTCP 2.0.6 and not 2.0.4.

However; depending on how much memory and disk space you have available on the ci, it might be better if you go up to at least System 7.1/System 7 Pro. That way you will gain compatibility with a wider range of Internet software. If you decide you want to run an even newer version of the system, I'd recommend 7.6.1. (avoid 7.5-7.5.3!)


Internet Explorer 4.01
Netscape 4.7x

You might find others at versiontracker.com.