View Full Version : Software Update For iPod Nano G3?

Sep 18, 2007, 08:51 PM
When did the 1.0.1 software update release for the new iPod Nano (G3)?

I just docked my iPod Nano and was greeted by that update. States it is just bug fixes; applying to my iPod right now

EDIT: Holy crap Cover Flow runs SOOO smoothly now! It feels a lot better

Sep 18, 2007, 09:32 PM
Another thing it fixed was that the battery level indicator now works correctly, not suddenly dropping like it did with the original 1.0 firmware. :)

MacGeek Pro
Sep 18, 2007, 09:45 PM
The 1.0.1 update bricked my nano. Tried restore and everything, all it does is endlessly reboot.

I'm taking it back to Best Buy this weekend (live in small college town with no stores of substance).

EDIT: And that would be a 3G nano 8GB, just noticed I haven't updated my sig yet!

Sep 19, 2007, 02:53 AM
I also got this on my 8GB 3G nano. I'm hoping (but not counting on it) that it speeds up coverflow.

Any word on the official contents?