View Full Version : Possible to upgrade the chip on white iMac?

Sep 27, 2007, 04:45 AM
I have a white iMac 20" 2.0GHz with 2G ram and I was wondering if it is possible to swap in a much faster processor and a new larger HD?

Or, better yet, can I have this done by an apple shop (there are none in my town but i could ship).

And, the final question--is it economically feasible? Or ridiculously, buy-a-new-one expensive?

Thanks all--

Sep 27, 2007, 04:59 AM
Yes it is possible to install a new processor and HDD. Processor probably wouldn't be feasible, you can't go higher than 2.33ghz which is a 15% difference - not worth it.

HDD upgrade is certainly possible, although if you want to keep your existing installation you'll need to clone it all across, using an external drive case or similar. Might aswell just get an external drive and be done with it.