View Full Version : Font menu organization in OSX (ATR replacement?)

Aug 27, 2003, 03:51 PM
Just upgraded to a dual G4 and OSX. Still trying to organize my fonts properly. I'm used to ATM and ATR on OS9, which result in a clean, organized font menu.

I'm using Suitcase 10, but it doesn't appear to have the ability to organize the font menu a la ATR. Right now the font menu is a mess. For instance, the font called Frutiger is split up into 10 variations, each in a different place in the alphabetical font menu ("BI Frutiger Bold Italic", "I Frutiger Italic", etc). I understand why this is happening, but it's intolerable to work like this.

Any suggestions? I don't see any mention of ATR on Adobe's site. Other products? Workarounds?