View Full Version : PowerBook G4 DVI: the screen goes off the display about 1/2 inch on bottom & on right

Oct 3, 2007, 10:30 PM
Hey. My second problem with my PowerBook G4 DVI 667Mhz is that the screen goes about a half inch off the right and bottom of the display.

So unless I position the dock on the left, I can't see it if it's placed on the bottom or right of the screen. I also have to drag any icons that show up on the right of the screen to the middle because I can't see them except for their very edge that appears on the screen.

This has happened with OS X 10.3, and still after I installed OS X 10.2.

Oct 3, 2007, 11:01 PM
Are you running the default res of the display? Does it still do this when you do a res that is smaller than the screen, say 800*600?

Oct 3, 2007, 11:36 PM
I've tired all the resolutions and it still goes off the screen. It's not just when I'm at the desktop either though. When it's loading up and is at the gray screen it is off center to the right, and down a bit.

Oct 4, 2007, 12:35 AM
That really is a strange issue. Have you taken it to a store or called Apple, see if they know anything?

Oct 4, 2007, 01:10 AM
Hey. I haven't called Apple, but I might tomorrow. As for going to a MacStation, it would cost me $50 just for a diagnosis, so that would be a last option. Especially since if it is an easy issue to fix, I don't want to pay fitty bones. :)