View Full Version : Help with 10.2.6 on B&W G3?

Sep 5, 2003, 08:41 AM
My B&W g3 doesn't seem to sleep properly under OS X (10.2.6). It clicks and the monitor goes off, but the light stays green and there's still a fair bit of noise. Also, when you move the mouse, it all comes back, as if it had woken up. (moving the mouse shouldn't do this, right?)

I tried removing all accessories, except extra RAM and the second drive. No effect. It slept under os 8.6.

Also, when I switch to my non-admin user, I get a message about there being a disk with no readable volumes, with an option to 'ignore' only. But there's nothing plugged in and both hard drives appear and work fine.

Any thoughts...?