View Full Version : Logo rebrand... I can I talk some sence into people

Oct 23, 2007, 08:50 PM
The company I am working for is going through a little restructure and rebranding, which is a good thing the current logos are good but they look a little dated.

I've created a few logo samples for the company (I'm the graphics guy), its not that the company isn't happy with my ideas and designs however someone has the "brainwave" to get a cheap logo on Sitepoint (http://contests.sitepoint.com/categories/logo-design) ($150 to be precise).

I hate spec work I think it's unethical and devalues the design industry as whole, so before I get people posting NO-SPEC! (http://www.no-spec.com) links how do I talk the company out if this decision because I do believe it's a very bad idea.