View Full Version : Mobile Database????

Oct 29, 2007, 10:24 AM
OK gurus, new to MAC and iTunes, and transition has been great. with all the power features i see on these forums, i figure this should be possible with itunes.

i just did a clean install to leopard and while it was going on i thought, i wonder if i can have one library for when im at home which uses my linux server to stream my music from. (this is how i currently use it, for my ipod as well). and another with a smaller library where music is stored on my MBP so when im away i can listen to my favorites.

i was thinking that my home setup would be default and when im away, open itunes with a command, option whatever click and choose my "away" library.

is this possible, has anyone done this, and what were your thoughts..

thanks for any help