View Full Version : 10.5 Bug with 10.3 server

Oct 29, 2007, 11:37 AM
Dear all,

This only applies to people with Power PC macs running 10.5 and 10.3 server.

Tests conducted using 2 separate Powerbook G4's and an Intel Mac Pro. Same server user account used for all connections.

If i copy a file from 10.5 on a Power PC machine to 10.3 Server, the folder copies to the server but with the incorrect permissions.

If i copy the same folder running 10.5 PPC to a server running 10.4 the folder copies fine.

If i copy the same folder using 10.5 on a Intel Mac to the 10.3 server the folder copies fine.

Looks like we have an issue when connecting from 10.5 on PPC machines to 10.3 Servers!

Can anyone else verify?