View Full Version : Regarding partitionmap of Virtual block devices

Oct 30, 2007, 06:58 AM
Hi Folks

Is there any way by which we can read the partition map of the virtual disk so that i would come to know about the start block of the virtual disk.

When i try to read the partition map of this virtual disk by using pdisk the output is

In this case disk1 is a virtual disk which is created by double clicking a .DMG file which is present on disk0

/dev/rdisk1 map block size=512
#: type name length base ( size )
1: Apple_partition_map Apple 63 @ 1
2: Apple_HFS disk image 2097072 @ 64 (1024.0M)
3: Apple_Free 0+ @ 2097136

These offsets which are displayed are relative to /disk1 but /disk1 is a virtual disk since its physical existence is on /disk0 hence there must me some offset to these offset which is relative to disk0.Now my doubt is that how can we find out this offset.

If any one has any Solution to my problem then please help me out

Thanks in advance
Nikhilesh Dubey