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Sep 17, 2003, 05:42 AM
It was supposed to ship yesterday, but I just got confirmation. An odd time to ship, but who cares? I wonder why they don't offer overnight shipping...

I waited for the new 15", but my tired old eyes will probably do better with the larger display. Plus less of a shock switching to it from my Cinema.

I went with the stock config so I wouldn't have to wait any longer. I figure I'd rather go for a 7200 rpm IBM than a negligible boost with the 5400 rpm.

Anyone know where I can get two 1 GB sticks? Crucial doesn't list them...

My first laptop, and I'm jazzed!


Sep 17, 2003, 07:40 AM
congrats! :) hopefully there shouldn't be much, if any delay on the 17" models. everyone is going for the 15", including me, and no one knows when they'll get here (in Australia, arse end of the world and all. :p)

you could check out the MacRumors shopping links to see if different memory places sell the 1GB RAM chips.

Sep 17, 2003, 07:58 AM
Thanks cb911,

No delay due to stock. More likely due to the number of orders they must have received yesterday. It's in route though because I have an Airborne tracking #. Looks like they're gonna ship the Final Cut Express today, but I'm in no hurry there.

I checked all around, Micron, Simple Tech, Kinsgston, Crucial, etc.. The only place I've found that appears to have them is Googlegear, but it's Corsair. Never heard of them, and I've heard the Macs are finicky about the modules you use. They want $399 each, but still cheaper than Apple. Does anyone know if there's something (specs) I should look for besides PC2700? Has anyone tried Corsair?

Any help greatly appreciated!


Sep 17, 2003, 08:14 AM
macmonger, when looking to get the right spec RAM for your PowerBook, i think it's just PC2700, 200-pin. i know the modules for the 1GHz TiBook were 1.25" height... i'm not sure if that's the same with the new RAM.

i'm going to keep looking for RAM over the next couple of days. i think most places are still updating their sites. 1GB RAM chips weren't even popular until the new PowerBooks were released...

Sep 17, 2003, 08:29 AM
Hmmm.... I didn't know what SO DIMM meant and a Google search found this.

Short for Small Outline DIMM, a small version of a DIMM used commonly in notebook computers. Whereas a full-size DIMM has 168 pins and supports 64-bit transfers, a SO DIMM has only 72 pins, which supports only 32-bit transfers, or 144 pins, which supports a full 64-bit transfer.

Here's what googlegear had posted...

Corsair 1GB DDR333 PC2700 Low Profile ECC Registered Double Data Rate Memory Retail
1024 Megabytes of memory
Industry standard 184-Pin DIMM format
Low-Profile module fits comfortably in 1U chassis (only 1.2 inches tall)
Supports Error Correction Code
Registered, PC2700; Also supports PC2100 motherboards
Uses stacked 64Mx4, DDR333 DRAMs
Double-sided, 36-chip module
Compatible with AMD Opteron; Validated on Tyan and Arima dual Opteron motherboards
Legendary Corsair reliability and service

It doesn't appear these will work. I guess I'll limp along on 512 until Crucial gets the right ones. I'm curious how it'll perform compared to my QS DP800, but I'm definitely taking the PB to 2 gig.



Sep 17, 2003, 08:41 AM
An update...

I just called Crucial and they say a rough guess is next year for the 1 GB chips. She thinks they will be 200 pin, but wasn't sure. Apparently Micron made the only ones so far, and Apple's hoarding them.

Or so the rumor goes...


Sep 18, 2003, 09:57 AM
Hi folks,

The memory thing was still bugging me. I don't think 512 MB is enough for OSX. So I ordered another 512 module to fill the empty slot. Who knows, maybe 1 GB will satisfy me. Anyways, Crucial has the 512 MB modules in stock for $140.99. The part # is CT327977 if anyone's interested.

Has anyone stuck one of the Travelstar 7K60 drives in their PowerBook yet? If so, do you think the performance gain justifies the power drain?

Also does that void the warranty?



Sep 18, 2003, 10:20 AM
Regarding the number of pins. I believe that 144 pin SO-DIMMs are standard SD RAM (i.e. can be used in iBooks) whilst 200 pin SO-DIMMs are DDR SD RAM (i.e. can be used in PowerBooks).