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Sep 18, 2003, 08:59 AM
Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone could post their experiences with bringing their PowerBooks to AppleStore's for repair. My PowerBook G4 (Titanium, sadly) has a display issue that the tech told me to bring in, but I use this thing almost regiously for classes. I'm thinking I'll bring it in Thursday morning, so it can get repaired over the weekend. What do you think the chances are I'll get it back by Monday?

Thanks for the input!

Sep 18, 2003, 09:37 AM

Wednesday nite, my iBook's HD started clicking.

Took it to the Apple store in King of Prussia at 3:30PM friday.

It was back at the Apple store by noon on tuesday.

Figure it will ship over night to Apple the day you bring it in. Takes a day to fix
and a day to ship back.

EXPECT a week tho just in case. If the issue is obvious and is defintely repeatble but if it's not, it can take a while for Apple to diagnose it.

This is also the case with my 1G iPod.

Called on Thursday to complain it wouldnt hold a charge...Apple sent me an Airborne Express box that arrived Friday AM. Scheduled a Pick up by AirBorne Express on Sat AM. Wednesday AM i had a new iPod at my door with an Apology letter signed by Steve.

You're gonna lose some time but not that much. They understand you need it back.


Sep 18, 2003, 09:53 AM
My logic board on my flat panel iMac went bad (read, I didn't have it lightning protected and it got hit). I called Apple and told them lightning hit my computer and it wasn't working. They told me to take it to some place about 30 minutes north of me. I took it on a Tuesday night and the repair shop called me Wednesday night to tell me it was fixed. I don't know if they had the part sitting around or what but that was super fast. But it wasn't an apple store... good ol' apple care to the rescue... now I have protection on any given route to my computer... :)

Sep 19, 2003, 05:01 PM
I bought a tangerine ibook on ebay that was all sorts of broken- I brought it into apple in salem NH on monday morning and they called to tell me it was ready on wednesday. There aren't too many companies who provide lickety-split service like that- I was waaaay impressed!

Sep 19, 2003, 06:03 PM
This one time the time wouldn't keep on my ibook and everytime i turned it off the clock reset itself. Whenever i unplugged it and left the battery out.
I phoned apple and they told me to reset the power management thing while rebooting, anyway it didn't work. I went through some other steps with them and nothing seemed to work.
I had to send it in and it took about 2 weeks to ship it and get it back (i live in the UK).

At the time i had a broken modem connector where the cord was pulled from the machine and took the port out with it. They fixed that and i didn't mention it, the broken peices were tiny as well. So that was good

Anyway it still didn't work (clock reseting itself that is). I phoned them up and had it sent back and then 2 weeks later it was back in my hands.

IT still didn't work. i rang up the 3rd party that were holding my laptop, and I explained TO THEM (not apple this time) what i was doing and why the clock wasn't keeping the time.

Anyway, they mentioned the little known fact about the iBook not having an onboard cmos type battery ... yeah and how you've got to have the power cord plugged in or the battery in the machine...:mad:

Thankfully nothing has ever REALLY gone wrong.

Mr. MacPhisto
Sep 19, 2003, 11:48 PM
My iBook's video acted up and made the computer unusable about a month and a half ago. I brought it to the Apple Store on a Wednesday at about 3PM and they set it up to have it delivered back to me (Apple Store is about 15-20 min drive away from me).

I woke up on Friday morning to a knocking on my door. It was AirBorne Express @ 10AM. My iBook had been to Memphis, TN and back in less than 48 hours and was fixed. Apple replaced the system board, replaced my video connector, and felt my combo-drive wasn't up to snuff (it had been acting up, but I said nothing about it) and they replaced it. Never gotten that kind of service anywhere else.