View Full Version : L3 Cache on new PowerBooks

Sep 20, 2003, 02:04 PM
This is an excerpt from an e-mail sent to Apple Employees as to guidelines for answering customer questions.

Why No Level 3 Cache?

The PowerBook G4 (17-inch 1.33GHz) has a faster processor and more level 2 cache than the PowerBook G4 (17-inch). The PowerBook G4 (17-inch 1.33GHz) level 2 cache runs at the same speed as the processor.

The level 3 cache in the PowerBook G4 (17-inch) ran at a much slower rate than the processor. In testing, the PowerBook G4 (17-inch 1.33GHz) processor and cache design runs faster than the PowerBook G4 (17-inch). There is no longer need for level 3 cache.

Hope this answers some questions!