View Full Version : hard drive problems. Power cable.

Sep 28, 2003, 06:06 PM
My mac has been crashing a lot recently. I have a second drive I use for audio which it regularly doesn't mount on start up or offers to format it after it eventually gets enough power. It's less of an issue the less thing I have plugged into the mac so I tend to leave my USB midi keyboard off till I need it etc...

I've had a few problems today of my mac freezing on getting to the desktop, it just spins, the drives did all show up before I restarted, then the crash happened. I've rebuilt the desktop on my internal drive and temporarily disconnected the other drive. All this after notepad crashed on me!!!

It's driving me nuts, a PC friend said he could rewire the power cable and that it's the most common cause of problems like this but I still wonder why a drive that's passed every diagnostic test I could throw at it causes me so much hassle.

I have a rev A beige G3. I use the CD Roms ATA channel for the audio drive because I boot from an external CD writer if I need to and REV A G3s have no slave support.

I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice? It's worrying when it never reaches the desktop. It's always paused for a while to connect to my cable modem, I havn't tried resetting that yet to see if it makes any difference.