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Dec 14, 2007, 10:00 AM
what's up everyone. been checking this forum for a few months. my dad had an apple II to a mac plus to powerbook to og imac growing up
i copped a mac mini c2d 1.83 (80gb/1gb) after a long wait to take the load off my ibook g4 (60gb/1.5gb.)

so it came loaded with tiger and leopard on disk. ibook was on tiger. initial setup (i didn't know if it had tiger or leopard before startup) so i went through and did the firewire transfer of everything.
went through it and a few things wouldn't open ie msn was crashing on login and limewire wouldnt load so i downloaded them again and then went and did the leopard upgrade.

now for the questions:
having transfered my settings the mini shows up as "__'s ibook" in spots here and there. where do i go to modify that?

i have an external usb2 hd and went ok on the use as time machine drive. what i want to know is if i upgrade my ibook to leopard which i'm thinking of doing soon am i able to use the same drive over the network (i'm running both wireless off an airport express)
i would like to have the mini stay up to date with everything i do on my ibook but not vice versa.
and along that line when putting leopard on my ibook should i do the upgrade or start fresh and load the settings off my mini (that were transferred from my ibook a couple days ago)..my thought is that the ibook might do well with a fresh os but will loading back my settings be accomplishing the same thing as a straight upgrade? i don't want to lose passwords/keychain/bookmarks/app's

Dec 14, 2007, 11:12 AM
k well i have the naming issue sorted out

any input on keeping both machines up to date using the time machine feature or over the network