View Full Version : iPod Nano 720 x ??? sometimes not others...

Dec 26, 2007, 12:36 PM
Hey guys.

My sister got a nano for Christmas and I've been loading it with content for her. When it got to TV shows I noticed that some 720x544 Family Guys weren't copying over even though I've read about that resolution being accepted. Then I ripped two new episodes and they copied over fine.

So do you guys know what the difference would be? I couldnt find any. The only thing I can think of is something new with Handbrake??

Cheers guys.

Also I'm gonna buy a touch and, although Ive read it a thousand times, 720x400 720x304 etc does work on them yeah? I keep changing my mind about encoding my entire dvd collection as 720x??? or 640x???.

Dec 26, 2007, 12:49 PM
720x544 seems like an odd resolution for a 4:3 episode of Family Guy. Just use the built-in Ipod-compatible preset (don't change the picture size/crop settings), and you'll get a compatible file as output.

For a 4:3 TV episode, the proper resolution should be 640x480.