View Full Version : New Harddrive install issues - please help!

Oct 5, 2003, 12:42 PM
I just purchased a used drive and have attempted to install it in my G3(blue/white) as a second drive. Previosuly, I had two hard drives in there, and my plan was to switch out the smaller one with the larger one. I got the disk utility to recognize the drive, format it and install OS X.

However, after install on restart, I get the question mark folder. In fact, no matter what drive i start up with (existing drive included) the computer willl not recognize it. I have tried numerous jumper settings and none of them see to work. I have zapped the PRAM and reset the firmware.

I am at a total loss here and cannot figure out how to get my computer to recognize either my old hard drive or my new one.

What happened? Can anyone help me?