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Oct 7, 2003, 03:12 PM
I'd like to backup some of my DVDs so I don't get screwed when my Dog eats them.

Now I'm wondering how,

Here is my theory on how to do it. Can I copy the image to my HD using Disk Utility, and then take out files if I need to in order to make it smaller, and then simply burn the image to DVD-R.

It seems to simple to work... please let me know of your experiences. I'm not looking to steal movies, just backup the ones I bought.

Oct 7, 2003, 03:59 PM
Your theory will not work, mainly because of CSS security on DVD movies. If you look on Version Tracker, there are a couple different apps that will help you out.

This will fit the dvd to a dvd-r:

This will compress your dvd to your hard disk: