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Oct 7, 2003, 03:16 PM
hey all..

how do i connect my PB 15 with P800 for GPRS internet access?

what i did

1) set up blue tooth device
2) use data connection
3) user name / pw blank
4)GPRS CID string = *99# ( got this from my GSM provider
5) ericsson infreard
6)internet connect
7) USB Bluetooth modem adaptor
8) connect

what i get is
1)contacting ppp server
2) authenticating user
3) The modem has unexpectedy hungup , please verify your settings and try later

anyone know what i am doing wronge? or do i need any scripts ? software to do this ?

GPRS is working fine on the phone.. just cant seem to hook it up to the computer.. useing dialup ( data ) on phone works .. looking to use GPRS.. anyone ?

wrc fan
Oct 8, 2003, 01:37 AM
The GPRS CID string (a.k.a. Telephone number) i use with my T68i on T-Mobile is *99***3# perhaps adding the ***3 will help?

Oct 8, 2003, 04:04 AM
You service provider should be able to tell you what the proper settings should be. I had to set a weird init string (at+cgdcont=1,"ip","internet3.voicestream.com") and use "a" as the username and password when I connecting from my Visor though the IR port to a T-Mobile phone.

Oct 9, 2003, 05:34 PM
new update,

first of all thx for the replies,

now i am able to connect well it tells me that i am connect lol

tho i cant surf or do anything under internet connect it shows that i am connected and gives me a IP # but the connection speed does not come up..

i called the provider many times with no luck no one seems to know anything about connecting a computer to a phone.. i went to their website and the only info i get is this

For WEB Browsing:_

For Internet settings;

________ Account Name: Mobinil Web_
___________ Connection Type: GPRS_
___________ Access Point Node (APN): mobinilweb


_For WAP Browsing:_

_For WAP settings:_

____________ Account Name: Mobinil WAP_
____________ Connection Type: GPRS_
____________ IP address:
____________ Access Point Node (APN): mobinilwap_
____________ Homepage: www.mobinillife.com


For Multimedia Messaging MMS:

_For MMS settings:

____________ Account Name: Mobinil MMS_
____________ Connection Type: GPRS_
____________ Homepage
____________ Access Point Node (APN): mobinilmms_

the URL = http://www.mobinil.com/community/mobinil_life/mobinilguide.aspx

thanks again for all your help.. i just want it to work :(