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Jan 4, 2008, 06:20 AM
I am new to tis forum and wonder if anybody can help with this problem. I was intending to update the songs on my ipod (30GB) recently. When I connected it to my itunes (7.5), I got a message asking if I
wanted to update the ipod software. Foolishly, I agreed. The update seemed to go OK until the very end when I got a message that an error - 1416 I think- had occurred and that the update had failed.

itunes then ejected the ipod although the ipod still displayed the "do not
disconnect" message. After about 10 mins, I eventually disconnected the ipod since when it has been as dead as a dodo. It will not reset and I have tried using the ipod software updater to restore the factory settings but it doesn't recognise the ipod as connected.

I think this is the first ipod update since upgrading?? itunes to 7.5. Has
anybody else experienced this and knows of a fix or is the ipod well and truly dead?

Many thanks


Jan 4, 2008, 09:05 AM
Hi Barry,

Which iPod 30 GB, the Photo/Color or the Video 5th gen?

One thing to try would be formatting on a PC if you use a Mac, or on a Mac if you use a PC.

Apple's "Five Rs" link might help, too.