View Full Version : Problem with ActionTec wireless DSL router and Airport

Ambrose Chapel
Oct 8, 2003, 04:12 PM
Hi all, this is a problem my girlfriend is having with her 1GHz TiBook running 10.2.6:

I have a Powerbook running OS X, with an Airport card. I just got a Verizon DSL modem and an ActionTec wireless cable/DSL router and I'm trying to get wireless internet access on my powerbook through the router. I configured the router through the web and set 128-bit WEP encryption. In System Preferences I have airport set to use DHCP. When I turn airport on and select the ACTIONTEC network, I get prompted for the password and type it in. Then I can see the wireless signal (which is full) in the status bar, but still CAN'T get to any websites or ping any IP addresses. I'm pretty sure the router is working, because when I connect my powerbook to the router through an ethernet cable, I get internet just fine. Does anyone know why the airport card isn't working?

as an addendum, she has used her airport card to get Internet access before. when she comes to my apt she can pick up someone's wireless network in my building (or somewhere...).

Any help would be appreciated.

Ambrose Chapel
Oct 9, 2003, 04:04 AM
never mind:

i guess i had to configure a static IP.. even though everyone's been saying you're supposed to use DHCP.. hmmmmmmm