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Jan 8, 2008, 04:02 PM
Hey guys. Need to sell this baby this week for my MBP. Here are the stats and pictures!


MacBook 2.16GHz C2D White 13"
2GB of RAM from Crucial (I will include the stock RAM pictured in the Crucial box)
120GB Hard Drive 5,400RPM
Intel GMA 950
Superdrive X8

CONDITION: The MacBook is in excellent condition (9/10) and has all original documents. There IS SOME coloring on the palmrests. This is a simple fix with some Mr. Clean or a Call to Apple (covered by warranty). The Power cord has scratches on the brick, and everything is in tact (no rips or burns). The computer will be fully cleaned with iKlear (screen, keyboard, shell, palmrests)

BATTERY: The battery is great, it likes to jump all over the place according to coconutBattery. It currently holds 4951 mAh out of 5200 mAh (95%) with
27 load cycles. The battery goes from a range of 94% to about 99%. No problems with it.

WARRANTY: The MacBook is still under the 1 year warranty (ends August 2008) and it is still eligible for AppleCare.

SOFTWARE: I will also provide the Leopard Up-to-Date Disc with its documentation. I will install a fresh coat of Leopard for the winner, or Tiger, whichever you prefer.

OTHER: The Apple Remote is included, but not pictured.

PRICE & SHIPPING: If you have any questions please ask. I am hoping to get $1100 shipped DHL 2nd Day (fully insured). I will ship to Canada via UPS, which is an additional $10.

Jan 8, 2008, 04:03 PM
Ohh, the Tiger discs INCLUDE iLife 2008, all the new software.