View Full Version : Cracked 1ghz TiBook

Oct 9, 2003, 11:19 AM
I have a crack that has formed on the case of my 1ghz Tibook. Itís just above the escape key, and travels down case to the modem port. The crack line runs on top of the hinge. I suspect that itís a defect in the metal. I didnít drop it, and Iím very careful with my Tibook. In fact it hasnít left my desk in weeks.

Iím going to take it to my local apple store (Indianapolis) and have them fix it under apple care. Iím looking for other people who have had cracks around the hinge to backup my claims that I didn't abuse my laptop and that this is just a random defect. Iíve found a couple of people on the net who have had identical cracks


But, Iíd like to have a few more reports of people with the same problem if possible. Any comments and suggestions are always welcome.