View Full Version : iphone help *cough* Anyone going to mw who could help?

Jan 14, 2008, 12:36 AM
sorry if this is.. not allowed? in this forum!

i recently got my stealthsim and jailbroke (1.1.1 for now) my phone.. I've tried about 25 times and every time i put it in i just get nothing, as if there's no card in it. can ANYONE help please. I've tried making sure its aligned time and time again with no success. I know people ahve said they've eeded a few tries but this seems ridiculous. Trying with a t-mobile sim ready to give up :(

is anyone going to macworld this week have a stealthsimed phone? If so could you PLEASE, PLEASE let me know and hopefully try to get it working ? I'm working there all week and help would be greatly appreciated.