View Full Version : MacBook Wafer?

Jan 15, 2008, 09:09 PM
Everytime I take a look at pictures of the MacBook Air, I can't help thinking of the Monty Python routine from the Meaning of Life. The part with the fat guy where the waiter insists, in his French accent, that the fat guy have one last delicacy: "It's waf-er thin!" the waiter insists. I want to put Steve Jobs in an apron with the MacBook Air in hand; we protest that we've no more room in our homes for another Apple product, but he demures. Just one more! It's "Waf-er thin!"


Whadda think? As opposed to the iPod "Fatty" should this be the MacBook "Wafer"? MacWafer? Wafer-Thin Pro?

And yeah...I'm over fed with apple products and I still want one! :p