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Oct 10, 2009, 03:01 PM
I'm just trusting. My MBP 17" sits at my desk all day hooked up to a 30" LCD and I leave it there 24/7 unless I have to take it home for an intensive project.

I'll go to coffee shops two days a week and yeah leave the MacBook Air unattended. I've never had a computer stolen and I've left it in some pretty risky areas. 8 hours at a coffee shop and I've got an iPhone, headphones and power plugged in. i'll just close the lid, throw my backpack on top of it and go use the bathroom. Been doing that for the past 4+ years. no problem yet.

There's never usually a problem in these cases, until there's a problem. Then, there's a problem. That's the problem....

Oct 13, 2009, 10:11 PM
laptop locks are a joke

they dont protect anything, most are easy to bypass, and there's always a surefire way of breaking a lock or case to get a laptop

if you want your laptop to be safe keep it with you

Oct 14, 2009, 03:58 AM
Gosh, do what I do if I'm alone with my computer, am not by the car, and need to use the bathroom.


I stick it in my bag, go to the bathroom, and keep the bag in in there while I'm using the toilet.

Sometimes I'm luckier and have my car parked close enough I can just toss it in the trunk, or I'm with a friend and they don't mind (in fact, half the time they enjoy) keeping an eye on my computer (when I come back they usually are having a convo with someone in my AIM list)... :D

Oct 22, 2010, 09:06 AM
I travel 200+ days per year and I lock mine up in the hotel when ever I can't take it with me to the show site. I also have a place to lock it to my workbox under the stage so that if I run to catering or the head I don't have to take it with me. Most of the people I work with are honest, but it only take one. I know that they can be easily defeated, but they will keep the semi-honest people honest, but a true thief will get what they want no matter what. But I at least don't want to make it easy for them.

As a side note, at most shows there are probably 5-10 computers in the underworld (under the stage during the show) and I would say that 80%+ are macs.

+1 when i was touring, everyone except our company manager had a mac, cast included... My workbox locks, but there is also a plate to lock my MBP up as well, I don't want to have to close up my workbox just to take a coffee, or run front of house, or whatever....