View Full Version : FS: Old SCSI Microtek ScanMaker 1850S Slide/35mm Scanner

Jan 19, 2008, 04:24 PM
I found this in the back of the closet, it's a Macintosh-compatible slide scanner from 1991. It came from my Dad's old office back in the day. The model number on the back is MTS-1850S. Has a spot for one slide on the very top , you just flip open the gray cover to reveal it (May or may not need an adapter for the slides to be inserted). It has two 50-pin SCSI ports on the back and will take a standard computer power cord.

I can't test, I don't have the proper Mac or software to do so - so this is pretty much AS-IS. The unit is pretty heavy, about 10-20 pounds I'd say, so shipping would be pricey, local pickup is preferred of course - I'm located in Central New Jersey (Zip 08857). If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them.

I'm asking $20 or best offer, a friend of mine said this used to cost a few grand when it was first released, but then again a lot of old stuff did. :p If you're interested or have anymore information on this let me know. I just didn't want to toss it out if somebody could possibly use it. :)

If you can really use it and you're local - come by and take it away! :D

Jan 19, 2008, 04:30 PM
So this will scan film negatives?

Jan 19, 2008, 04:53 PM
So this will scan film negatives?

This is quoted from a PDF (http://www.microtekusa.com/images/bkgrounder.pdf) I found online from Microtek. "1991 1850-dpi 24-bit 35mm film scanner MTS 1850" That seems like the model this is, except mine says MTS 1850S"

I hope that answers your question, it seems to be pretty hard to find more information about this particular model online. I know some scanners that do slides and 35mm need plastic adapters or something to hold the film properly. Unless an adapter is hidden on the unit somewhere this doesn't have anything extra. :)

Update - Software! Somebody just e-mailed me saying that the following programs were compatible with the scanner, although I'm not sure if drivers are still required, just thought I'd add this information. :)

-OmniPage Pro will scan with OS9.
-Readiris 7 Pro works with OSX.